What do we do?

We get you the best combination of price and service achievable in the marketplace.

How can we do this?
Through in depth, up-to-date market intelligence of what the carriers are doing for shippers of all sizes. We have decades of data from the carrier side.

Parcel Magazine and Morgan Stanley in its Annual Best Practices Survey of shippers reports that "Consultants negotiate more favorable rates, driving discounts 49% lower than if the company negotiates." Shippers are also predicting that Accessorial Charges and fuel surcharges will increase significantly over the next 12 months.

We have the ability to analyze your shipping expenditures, segment your costs by service type, weight, zone, and accessorial spending. We can then provide advice and counsel for you to achieve your financial and operational goals. We have tools to allow you and your company to present your shipping profile to the carriers in the method and means that will allow your transportation providers to price your traffic with the maximum possible discounts.

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